• Happy Anniversary!


    One year ago today, I wrote my first post in this space. Boy, time has gone fast.

    In a celebratory mood, I thought I’d take a peek at my stats for last year but sadly, Skeptic Ink doesn’t archive them that long. Nonetheless, I came up with some interesting info.

    This past year we’ve shared 546 posts and 1198 comments

    Most popular post by far was this one about a woman who was 11 months pregnant last March.

    Sadly, Dede (Xgay Greg’s wife) hasn’t had her baby yet. In fact, there’s no word about her pregnancy anywhere on her facebook page, blog, or YouTube account. I guess it just vanished.

    Most popular post this week detailed an HIV positive pastor passing the virus throughout his congregation.  That one surprised me considering it’s an older story. Go figure.

    Here’s where things get real interesting. From StatCounter, here are some of the most recent keywords used to find Incongruent Elements:

    • noahs arc black sea shells
    • penis holy milk
    • manifestations of spiritual witchcraft
    • Penis milk photos
    • Penis milk
    • penis milk
    • xgay
    • answers in genesis conference 2013
    • Jehovahs witness feel about the new 2013 light
    • how to prevent witchcraft attack
    • joel osteen bullshit
    • myers briggs refuted
    • people who have died during exorcisms

    I’m sorry, people. But looking at this, my little Internet space appears to have become a den of iniquity. It looks like I talk about male genitalia an inordinate amount of time.


    It’s been a very interesting year. I never could have told you that I’d be hit with cancer half way through my tenure. I also caught the eye of Ken Ham. That was odd. (Please note I included my mention of Ham along with my cancer paragraph. I did that on purpose.) Even though I was super nice to his associate, Terry Mortenson (it was easy, I rather liked him), Mr. Ham didn’t return the kindness.

    I sat on a panel at a skeptic conference. Sadly, my thoughts weren’t appreciated and some of the audience #hatehatehated it. Interestingly now that some of these folks have written books they now must peddle, they seem more accepting of the concept that “your readers are potential customers.” Life often unfolds in the most unusual way.

    I’ve enjoyed working with my fellow Skeptic Ink contributors. Ed Clint, the head of our order, is both wise and powerful (ten points if you can cite the quote). All kidding aside, he does a masterful job keeping everything running smooth and has the wisdom of Solomon when it comes to managing a large troupe of creative people, readers with varying opinions, and technical glitches that would leave me pulling out my hair. His behind the scenes work is invisible and essential. Kudos to him.

    As we’ve edited our upcoming anthology, I got to work with Jonathan Pierce. He’s awesome. His publishing house is one to watch IMHO. I think it could be a powerful voice in skepticism. Watch his blog for updates, this year will be very exciting for him.

    I admit I’m impressed with our cadre of writers. I find them to be consummate professionals in all our communications. The back channel is amazingly polite and quite focused on skepticism. In fact, the average IQ represented in these conversations seems to hover around the 130 mark. It would be higher but… well… I’m there.

    I’m the National Enquirer reading, fruity beer swilling, fiddle playing, advertising writing, question asking, absurdity observing, foul mouthed, (hopefully) cancer surviving member of this very bright group. They keep me on my toes and I’ve never looked up so many words than when I started hanging out here.

    I miss John Loftness. He was fun to work with.

    All in all, it’s been a good year. Hopefully this next year I’ll get to personally work with more members of this talented network that has grown into “Skeptic Ink.”

    Thanks for indulging me in my reminiscing. I’ll be back to my usual fare of deep, inspirational, thought provoking missives that’ll… ah heck. I’ll probably post an odd Youtube vid or “what the heck” story.

    Thanks for making this experiment interesting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for all your kind notes when I got gobsmacked with cancer.

    I suppose that’s why I write. It’s you, constant reader (quoting whom?), who makes it worthwhile. And for that, I truly thank you and send my best on this fun day. I think I shall eat cake this evening.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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