• Are weddings about the couple or about deities?


    I have a close relative who works as a professional photographer. On occasion, she hires me to be her “second shooter” when she has to work a particularly large wedding or other challenging event where she has to corral many people while “getting” all the shots she was hired to take.

    It’s a blast. I’ve helped her with multiple weddings including a Hindu wedding in downtown Minneapolis, a riverboat wedding along the mighty Mississippi, a Renaissance Festival wedding where everyone wore old fashioned garb and said “arr” a lot, as well as a more traditional outdoor wedding on the family farm.

    Good memories, every one of them.

    Before each wedding, I receive a list of shots the couple has ordered. I have to get them or risk my relative receiving wrath when it comes to picture delivery time. While I try my darndest to remain invisible during these events, I admit I sometimes need to carefully position myself in awkward (and not completely invisible) positions to get the angles the couple ordered.

    Not once has this happened:

    Yikes. I’d be soooo ticked. Watch it again and check out the happy couples’ faces. Then check out the l-o-n-g line of bridesmaids. This event is about a deity? Nope. I don’t believe it for a second.

    Wedding photography is about capturing memories and wowzer, this couple has one doozy of a memory.

    DeathAneTaxes appears to agree with my assessment:

    I would think holy clusterfucks like these would be a churchman’s bread and butter. And you know the video/photo crew ran a good $2K or so. So why does the master of ceremonies mouth off “this is not about photography, this is about god” when this is clearly a paid gig that’s supposed to send feel-good vibes across the pews? Or, in this case, in a country clubby open field that was clearly not cheap.

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