• “They” evidently sent Kevin Trudeau to the pokey


    Poor Kevin Trudeau. The author of such classics as “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About” and “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You To Know About,” as well as other super interesting publications, is in jail.

    Some of his problems are evidently due to the fact that his “Natural Cures” book not only offered dubious “cures” for conditions such as diabetes and such, but the biggest complaint (at least on Amazon) is the fact at least one of his books a super-long form sales letter advertising his subscription website.

    Well, according to the SunTimes, Trudeau went on a spending spree while claiming he was broke and couldn’t afford a court-imposed fine of $38 million.

    But two recent $180 Vidal Sassoon haircuts; a $900 cigar bill; $1,000 in high-end meats; a $900 liquor spree, and an $800 grocery bill from Whole Foods were luxuries too far for silver-tongued Oak Brook infomercial king Kevin Trudeau.

    The 50-year-old convicted fraudster was jailed Wednesday by U.S. Judge Robert Gettleman, who finally lost patience with Trudeau’s repeated claims of poverty.

    Wow. That makes my weekend activities sound utterly boring. I need to talk to my long suffering husband about finding a place in Kandiyohi County that’ll cut my hair for $180.

    Cuts around here are generally under $20.However, my DH recently gave me a gift card to an expensive salon, where the hair cuts run around $28. The only difference between this place and my usual hair dresser was that she rubbed my head, wore fancy clothes, and I felt like my Star Trek t-shirt was a bit less fancy than their usual dress code. The last time I went to the fancy joint, (had to use up the card) she asked if I wanted another head massage, I politely told her, “Nope.” She asked three times, but I held firm with a “Just a cut, ma’am.”

    But I digress.

    The judge held Trudeau in civil contempt for violating orders that required him to stop spending on everything except necessities and to cooperate fully with court-appointed receivers trying to get to the bottom of just how rich Trudeau really is.

    Well, according to Trudeau, he’s stone-cold broke. In fact, he recently sent an appeal to his fans. While he’s since made the vid private, an enterprising soul had the temerity to record it. Please excuse the initial sound quality issues, it gets better as the vid rolls. Grab a tissue, you may need to wipe away a few tears of indignation as your heart weeps for Trudeau.

    Poor Kevin! That government sure is mean to him. How dare they quibble over mere wording and not address the less than stellar information he presents. Oh wait. That’s what they did. Mr. Trudeau appears to be less than truthful in this vid. Whoda thunk. Guess I’ll have to put my wallet away.

    And Trudeau told the judge he was forced to use the bank accounts the court had frozen because “I had no money for food,” adding that he wanted to comply with the court’s orders and “wasn’t thinking” when he mistakenly got the pricey haircuts.

    “Wasn’t thinking.” Ha. I’m using that line next time I buy something dumb.

    Gettleman wrote earlier this summer that he has seen “evidence that Trudeau is living much more like a prince than the pauper he professes to be.” That includes Trudeau’s use of top-dollar attorneys and allegations that he drives a $340,000 Bentley and employs two personal chefs and a butler at his suburban Chicago home.

    Readers of his weight loss book, however, may be entitled to a partial refund assuming Trudeau ever pays his fines.

    Trudeau’s long-standing legal difficulties stem from his book, “The Weight-Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About,” which he falsely advertised as giving “easy” solutions to weight loss.

    If he ever pays the fine, the money will be shared among readers who bought the book.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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