• He pays a wizard $500 to become invisible. Then he robs bank…


    This is a rather old, yet perplexing story. Dude paid a “sorcerer” the equivalent of $500 for super secret spell-infused charms to grant him invisibility. Sadly for him, the spell didn’t work.

     The man’s ill-fated heist attempt started to go wrong shortly after he entered the bank, as he started snatching money from the hands of customers. For some reason, rather than being terrified of the mysterious invisible poltergeist stealing their cash, the customers quickly overpowered the hapless thief.

    I guess some people are truly gullible.

    He explained that he had paid 5 million rials (just under £290) to a wizard imposter, who in return gave hims spells to tie to his arm. The sorcerer told him that they would make him invisible, and that he could then rob banks to his heart’s content.

    As of the original publication of this story, police in Tehran were still searching for the sorcerer. Here’s the mug shot of the would-be invisible guy.










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