• “Sorry, I got carried away,” said spiritual healer to naked “patient”


    George Boak was a spiritual healer. He hovered his hands over his patients’ bodies and allegedly healed them. Sometimes he’d touch them. Sometimes he touched them inappropriately.

    Another former patient, who agreed to be naked in the healing sessions when she was told it would be more effective, alleges Mr Boak groped her and kissed her breasts, before saying: “Sorry, I got carried away”.

    So, Boak was charged with two counts of sexual assault and one of indecent assault. While he admitted he touched one of his “patients,” he felt she consented. As for the other charges:

    On her final appointment he kissed and touched her inappropriately, putting his hands inside her clothes, Mr Smith told the heard.

    And another report:

    He admitted he had touched her in the manner alleged but said she had said to him words to the effect of “give it to me George”, so he touched her sexually because he thought that was what she was asking for, the court heard.

    Turns out, the the authorities believed the women and Boak was found guilty of sexually assaulting all of them. He’ll be sentenced on June 28.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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