• Donna and Frankie


    Today I present two women evidently named “Donna” and “Frankie.” Honestly, I don’t know if these are their names, but a Youtube commenter says:

    I love Donna and Frankie!!

    So, I made the assumption and went with those names.

    Now… here’s where it gets interesting. If you watch the vid, you’ll note the matching dresses. These ladies take their music ministry seriously. You’ll also note that the younger lady on our left really gets into the music, going so far as to raise her hands at one point. This is a pretty radical move in most fundamental churches. Third, you’ll also notice that (again) the lady on the left seems to have a bit of a cold. I guess when the spirit is moving, you can go ahead and openly cough multiple times during your musical number without anyone raising an eyebrow.

    Lastly (and ending on a gross note) the coughing lady actually engages in that behavior at the end, spewing her cold germs on the mircophone gatherer. She actually sprayed her shoulder. What’s interesting here is the lack of reaction… it’s like it didn’t happen.

    Bad music? Check. Pitchy singing? Yup. Coughing singers? Got it. Homosexual hate? Likely. Gluttony dislike? Evidently not. (I shouldn’t comment on their body size, it’s admittedly not kind, but I’ve always wondered why gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins, isn’t allowed more attention.)

    This vid is mind numbing to comprehend.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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