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    Well, I’m moving along with my colon cancer recovery and figured I’d jump back into the skeptic blogging pool a bit. I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and private messages. You guys rock.

    But it’s time to proceed forward so today I present this little gem of a .pdf.

    Mary K. Mohler, Director of the Seminary Wives Institute at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has written a short, handy, guide on how to be modest.

    As we narrow our look at modesty to the issue of clothing, it
    is easily observed that when women of the world head out in the
    morning, they are not concerned about appearing modest. Instead,
    most women are heading out hoping that they are in vogue, in
    fashion and not wearing last year’s styles. Many clamor to be in step
    with whatever Hollywood has trotted out.

    Trotted out. That’s a great phrase.

    Mohler advises against becoming a “Clueless Clarice” who runs out with a shirt that’s too tight. Disorganized Delores winds up wearing (gah!) shorts that are too tight while on a diaper run. Stylish Stephanie is in particularly tough shape because she wears blouses that are too low-cut.

    Poor Dieting Diane is a yo-yo dieter. You can probably guess what her problem is.

    Does God care how we dress? Yes, He does. He cares about
    every aspect of our lives. We are called to holiness, holiness in what
    we do, what we say, where we go, how we act, how we think, what
    we listen to, what we read, what we sing, and yes, how we dress.

    Good lord, I wonder what she’d have to say about how my poor swollen belly made my summer shorts too tight. She’d probably call me “Cancer Cathy.” Or how ’bout “Tumor Tammy.” Perhaps “Malignant Mary” would do the trick.

    Turns out, stretchy cotton shorts are my friend this year, but I’m not sure what her thoughts are on that garment. Everyone says I look “smashing,” but I think they’re being kind considering the cancer stuff and all. Never expect honesty from people who look at you like you’re  a cancer patient. 🙂

    The point? Ladies (not men), we must be careful how we dress. After all, the “lost world” is watching…

    Download it here.

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