• Two arrest warrants for Pastor Geronimo Aguilar


    Texas authorities have two arrest warrants out for Pastor Geronimo Aguilar (Pastor G) of the Richmond Outreach Center (ROC) Church due to his alleged aggravated sexual assault of someone under 14 years of age. Another pastor is also in trouble, alleged to have made threats against a news source.

    Helmlinger is charged with making a threatening and obscene phone call to Pastor Allen Caldwell after Caldwell gave 8News an interview. Caldwell told 8News reporter Kerri O’Brien he left the ROC after witnessing alleged inappropriate behavior between Pastor G and some church wives.

    Good grief. That’s what you call christian love in action, eh? It gets worse.

    A fourth woman has come forward saying she had sex with Pastor G when she was a teenager.

    “He brought us alcohol, we got drunk and the rest is history,” Baker said. “I had just turned 18. We had sex.”

    Although Baker says she knows she was an adult, the relationship was inappropriate because Aguilar was her pastor.

    “It was wrong. Just because it is not illegal doesn’t mean it is not wrong and he was my pastor I moved to Richmond to serve God.”

    She also states that her mother and aunt were sexually intimate with him.

    As I read this, I couldn’t help but wonder how this has affected his congregation.

    Meanwhile, many ROC Church members continue to stand by their pastor while he is under investigation, posting messages of support on Facebook like “Pastor G Rocks.”

    Church members also held a bike run in solidarity with Pastor G two weeks ago.



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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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