• Christian Radio Network is ailing


    Remember Harold Camping? He’s the dude who predicted not one, but two end of the world scenarios back in ’11. At the time, they spent around $5 million on billboards and raked in donations galore from people believing his predictions. Well, all that has come to an end.

    Former and current insiders allege the situation may be even worse than it appears, claiming donations have dropped almost 70 percent since the Rapture prediction proved incorrect, leading to numerous layoffs of longtime Family Radio staff members. Those insiders say the nonprofit mishandled the sales of the stations, reaping far less than they were worth, and is on the hook for millions of dollars to devotees who have loaned them money over the years. Since the failed prediction, at least two letters have been sent to the California Attorney General’s Office requesting an investigation into the station sales and Family Radio’s handling of donations. The office does not confirm or deny investigations.

    Family Radio denies it’s ailing saying donations are down due to a bad economy. Harold Camping hasn’t aired his radio show since he suffered a stroke in ’11. But what does the future hold?

    “We feel we can be a comfort to listeners and a comfort to people affected by events, like the one in Connecticut or Hurricane Sandy,” he said. “We want to be a comfort and reminder of God’s strength and mercy. … In the end, our founding mission is to proclaim the word of God.”



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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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