• Superstition run amok


    Children are being accused of witchcraft in Congo. TENS of thousands of childrenused. Of course, if the parents of these children loved Jesus enough, they’d be swimming in cash, have zero health problems, and would live a perfect life. If life isn’t perfect, however, it’s very likely the kid’s fault: they’re a witch. For just a whole lotta cash, they can have their child exorcised (i.e. beaten, burned, starved, and murdered).


    According to this vid, there are more churches than schools in this area and an exorcism will set you back several month’s pay.

    On a side note, a quick perusal through my local Yellow Pages reveals we also have more churches listed than schools. Hmmmmm… rather disturbing when I think about it.

    This is truly a horrific vid.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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