• Warning: Vaccinations can harm psychic abilities


    This is big news. Big scary news. This claim is seriously true because it’s got not one, but two pieces of evidence supporting it.

    Exhibit A from a Zulu shaman:

    “We were told that there was a great smallpox epidemic coming to the land and all the children must be vaccinated. My grandfather used to say that the white man’s vaccination makes you blind and if you are to look after the cattle you must not go to the trading store to get your vaccination. Inspectors used to come and check each child for signs of vaccination. Our grandmother used to give us great pain in order to save our spiritual eyes. Grains of maize would be heated up and pushed against the skin of the child, and so when the schools inspectors came he saw the blisters and assumed the child had been vaccinated…and I noticed that school children in mission schools who had been vaccinated for smallpox or measles could not see spiritual entities at all. A flying saucer would fly through the sky at great speed and be seen by many men & women but the children who had been vaccinated would see nothing and I noticed this hundreds of times.”

    (Don’t forget to check out the reptilian agenda video after the jump. It’ll rock your world.)

    Exhibit B: from a kenesiologist who cites a CIA connection:

    I had a client in the USA whose body told me that the priority that needed correcting was structural. I ran through some possibilities and the body indicated it wanted a correction from kinesiology called the “C.I.A.” correction. CIA stands for “Common Integrative Area”. This is an area behind our ears where our past and part of our ego is stored. When a person needs this correction, it indicates that they are being affected by their past. Once the body indicated that this was the correction that was needed, I then did the test for CIA. This gave me a second chance to confirm that the original answer I got was correct. The test for CIA is to tap the person just behind both ears. Then when you muscle test an arm, they will go weak, if CIA is called for.

    I had done this correction dozens of times on many people. However, this day was different. To my amazement, when I tapped behind the ear and muscle tested the arm, the arms stayed strong. I went back to muscle testing the arms to recheck. I said “C.I.A.”. Sure enough, the arm went weak again. Now, here I had a paradox. The letters “C.I.A.” gave a weak reaction, but the Common Integrative Area was in fine working order.

    So, I had a thought as to what the body might be trying to tell me. I said “Central Intelligence Agency”. Sure enough, the arm went weak! This was what the body was trying to tell me.

    Ah, but there’s no conspiracy theories here.

    After all, when we are vaccinated it is the ONLY time that someone gets a chance to put something directly into our blood. Is this the real reason why ‘they’ are so insistent on vaccinating?

    Indeed. I can’t think of any other reason to get vaccinated.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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