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    While I wasn’t aware that Jesus was illegal, a group of Christians clearly feel as though he is. A website has launched claiming “1 innocent Christian is murdered every 5 minutes just for believing in Jesus. Christianity is illegal in 51 countries.” I’d love to see a citation on that.

    About the time, I thought this site focused on Christianity world wide, it became quite obvious that its focus is on “persecution” of Christians in the good ‘ol USA. The blog entries include light celebrity news, overblown stories on evil professors, bad liberals, and The Bible series. (Plus, did you know Sean, “The Bachelor” is a born again Christian?!?”) On their “Persecuted of Bullied” page, we find this:

    Have you been persecuted, attacked, bullied or discriminated against because of your Christian faith?

    PLEASE  share your story with us.  CONTACT US AT: {snip}

    The LEGALIZE JESUS TEAM / MINISTRY will pray, fight and expose Christophobic people to END CHRISTOPHOBIA.  There are also numerous Christian legal organizations that we can guide you to for help.

    100 MILLION innocent Christians are being persecuted this very second somewhere around the world.  One innocent Christian is murdered every five minutes just for believing in Jesus.  Christianity is illegal in 53 countries.

    Woops. Typo. Your sidebar clearly says “Christianity is illegal in 51 countries.” Seems you identified two more countries along the way. Better check your citation. Or you can simply present the source for your stat and your readers can verify this. But I digress.

    CHRISTOPHOBIA is spreading across AMERICA.  Christians must end the silence and come out of the closet.  We must RISE UP against the intolerant liberal secular progressive mob.

    I PRAY more Christians in America will become unashamed, unabashed, public glorifiers of JESUS – no matter where they are or who they are with… especially in public and at public schools.   It’s NOT against the law to pray, talk about JESUS or wear Christian t-shirts or crosses.   Teach your kids to be proud of Jesus and to spread His gospel.

    Stand up to the liberal progressive Christophobic mob and their ANTI-JESUS agenda.  Glorify JESUS NOW.

    Sigh. I suppose I should notify the church in my back yard, the one down the block, the one three blocks away and the one right outside the city limits (I live in a town of 500 people, btw) and let them know they’re persecuted and “CHRISTOPHOBIA” is rampant.


    *Update* I received a very nice message from the owner of this website:

    Beth – thanks for the press. God bless.

    Here is the updated page…


    Thanks for the message, glad I could pass it on. 🙂

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