• Debunked faith healer offers debt relief scam… for 25 years


    Peter Popoff, the evangelist James Randi debunked years ago, is still on the air, running late night infomercials claiming to help you become debt free.

    “God is touching hurting people around the world,” Popoff says in a recent video on his website, sitting in a wingback chair beside his wife, Elizabeth. “It’s always such a joy to share the reality of that joy. It’s a joy to share the reality of his saving power, healing power, delivery power, and … debt cancelling power! Amen!”

    According to Popoff, God wants you not only debt free, but rich.

    “Debt cancellation is part of God’s plan,” Popoff says in the video posted to his website, as a little dog sleeps in his lap. “That’s why God sent me to you. How would you ever know about miraculous debt cancellation, erasure of your debts if someone didn’t tell you about it?”

    Only hitch in the plan is that Popoff has been revealed to be a fraud not just once, not just twice, but multiple times. He now earns over 24 million per year.

    If anything about Popoff is truly miraculous, it’s his resilience. No matter how many times his claims are debunked, he seems to bounce back with another version of the same old scam. Popoff has promised to cancel peoples’ debts using holy water and blessed oil. He has claimed to be a prophet who can heal peoples’ illnesses by slapping them on the head. He promises to use God’s power to help people become rich.

    Even those who expose him are perplexed at his longevity.

    “We’ve done so many stories about him, but it never does any good,” says Ole Anthony, founder of Trinity Foundation, which has investigated Popoff and other faith healers since 1987. “His scams are endless.”

    You can read how his latest scam runs after the jump. It’s an amazing read.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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