• Unsettling details of Jack Schaap case


    Jack Schaap was the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana. He was ousted after it was revealed that he had sex with an underage church member.

    In this trial, Schaap began by claiming, in effect, that his prostate made him do it, as part of an attempt to lighten his 10-year minimum prison sentence. But his excuses riled federal prosecutors, who countered by filing a 23-page response that revealed previously withheld details of the disgraced 55-year-old pastor’s actions.

    There are a few details in this case that are truly unsettling.

    Schaap kissed the victim during counseling.

    Schaap claimed that Christ wanted the two to be together.

    Schaap created cover stories for his numerous rendezvous with the teen.

    Schaap had sex with the teen in his office.

    Schaap “dishonored” the teen’s father and mother.

    So many questions. So few answers. The man’s a psychopath. My heart breaks for that young lady and her family. My only hope is that she get a lot of counselling.


    Note: In case you missed it, he received a 12 year sentence in this case.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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