• Jesus found in bird poo


    This story’s making the rounds and it’s… interesting. A man has found an image of Jesus in bird poo. Well, I’ll be darned. He has a point.






    Lawry was in the driveway of his parent’s Brooklyn, Ohio home when he noticed the spot left behind by a passing bird. A closer look gave him quite a surprise and left him amazed.

    Lawry’s son, parents and friends all came out to look. They too were amazed.

    In an email to NewsChannel5, Lawry said he believed it was some sort of sign and wanted to share.

    Perhaps it was a sign that humans appear to be hard wired to see faces in inanimate objects. Perhaps it was a sign that Lowrey would benefit from reading Shermer’s The Believing Brain.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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