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    I’m a writer by trade. I thought I should mention this because this post gives a glimpse into the twisted world of freelancing. If you’re adverse to too many personal details, stop reading now. It could get a little sappy.

    So, I’m working on this novel. Whenever I’m creating a character, I need to really get in their head. This means, if I’m not intimately familiar with at least the vital statistics of each “person,” I can’t effectively write them.

    For example, one of the characters I’m currently writing works as an activity director at an assisted living facility. Now, I could interview activity directors, I could visit facilities, there are various ways to enter that world. The way I elected to do so was to take what I call a “writing adventure.” I became, for six months, an activity director at an assisted living facility.

    Through that time, I learned more about ageing, the role of religion in the aged, how friendships are formed, how we treat our elderly. This was information I never would have received any other way and will add incredible depth to my character.

    But I’m off track.

    During my stint as activity director, I was amazed at the mobile difficulties, how the body breaks down, as a person ages. Scary stuff. Sometimes I witnessed negative changes within days, sometimes hours.

    Then I “met” Mathilda.” She gives me great hope. Enjoy this amazing woman.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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