• New age guru and “immortal” apparently found dead on cruise ship


    I may need your help in fully verifying this story. I’ve searched everywhere and have found only two sources, both blogs, documenting this story. There’s nothing in the news, no obits, nothing else. If you find/hear something, let me know.

    But, here’s the interesting rumor:

    Mony Vital, New Age guru, author of Life Unlimited: An Exploration of Physical Immortality as Clinical and Therapeutic Model, fully expected to live forever. Literally.

    Meet Mony Vital. He’s immortal, or at least he says he is, and he’ll be happy to teach you how to be, too.

    Of course, it costs you anywhere from $450 (for six months of immortality) to $2,875 (for lifetime immortality), but who, besides Mony Vital, can put a price on eternity?

    Installment payments welcome. He does pets, too.

    This, from his Facebook page:

    This advanced program comes from a quantum physics technology and uses a computer to broadcast the healing frequencies of prayer and healing information to you continuously, 24/7. Since our bodies are always emitting electrical impulses in a heat formate, the program can mathematically communicate information to your consciousness in the same language which the body speaks. We use information from you and unique to you to create an “energy signature” which establishes communication with you. The QRPS sends corrective frequencies that attempt to eliminate stress potentials that can be present with certain imbalances. When inner stress is released, the individual’s own natural healing abilities help improve harmonic resonance, resulting in increased physical mental and/or spiritual health. Participants frequently report significant decrease in physical discomfort/blockages and increase in flexibility, relaxation, physical and emotional well-being.

    He had quite the scientific way to turn on your immortality thingie, too.

    The whole universe is one consciousness and at night we receive information from it, he says — instructions, if you will. These instructions regulate our life force. But sometimes they get garbled. The average life force number is shockingly low in the United States — only 56. Fifty six!

    But Vital has discovered a way to fix your life force. It’s right here on his laptop, a program called the Quantum Prayer System. It prays for you in “millions of frequencies of prayers — they’re not religious, they’re just prayers.” And it channels and amplifies those prayers to you. “Imagine everyone in China chanting your name. That powerful.”

    But wait, you are saying, how can the Quantum Prayer System work for me?

    Well, it is very simple. The program needs to ascertain your energy signature, for which it will need your date of birth, place of birth, home address, phone number and e-mail address. “Nobody else in the universe has this energy,” Vital says.

    Yeah. Whatever that means… Well, despite his computer program, despite his great thoughts, despite his believe he’d live forever, it appears Mr. Vital may have died.

    None of this has been verified on Mr. Vital’s Fecebook page or his official website. However, the entire community is eerily silent on this information. It will be interesting to watch this story unfold.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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