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    Ever wonder what’s in the textbooks that have been influenced by creationist-style curriculum? After screening The Revisionaries (Independent Lens, 10 p.m. Jan. 28), we were curious, so we checked a few of them out.

    While some of the more traditional fundamentalist teachings have been limited to Christian schools and homeschooling curriculum, this kind of curriculum is no longer the sole purview of private funding. Many Bible-based Christian schools accept government-issued tuition vouchers for public school students. And some public school districts are teaching creationism alongside evolution. In both cases, tax dollars are at work.

    Ten things you’ll learn during the broadcast:

    1. Humans and dinosaurs lived together.

    2. What you see during “mating” will determine your offspring’s traits.

    3. The KKK was peachy keen.

    4. The reason the oceans are salty.

    5. The great depression wasn’t so bad.

    6. Dragons were real!

    7. The trail of tears? Not so bad.

    8. The moon? You’ll never guess why it exists.

    9. Climate change is a myth.

    10. Darwin. I’m sure you can guess what they say about him.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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