• Morocco to change law: Rapists can’t marry victim to avoid jail


    Finally, some fairly good news to report. Morocco has plans to change an antiquated law that allowed rapists to avoid punishment by marrying their victim. The change is too late for 16 year old Amina al-Filali, who poisoned herself rather than marry her 23 year old rapist.

    Now the Moroccan government has finally announced plans to change the penal code to outlaw the traditional practice of allowing accused rapists of marrying their victims to avoid punishment.

    Al-Filali was one of many who are usually forced by their family and the law to get married, even under the circumstance of rape, so as to not dishonor the family.

    I say this is “fairly” good news because…

    Women’s rights activists welcomed¬†Justice Minister Mustapha Ramid’s announcement, but argued that it does not do enough to protect women from violence in the African country.

    In fact, the law does not recognize certain forms of violence against women, including conjugal rape. Fifty percent of attacks against women occur in conjugal relations.

    The article concludes by noting that Morocco need to work on literacy and poverty as well. However, this is a first step…


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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