• The world is ending tonight


    Good grief. We just finished the whole Mayan end of the world scenario and now FLDS leader Warren Jeffs has proclaimed the end of the world.

    CNN reports that Jeffs’ minions in Colorado and Utah are making preparations for the end of the world based on his jailhouse declaration that the apocalypse will occur before the New Year.

    The edict has some authorities fearing an outbreak of violence or suicide among Jeffs’ followers, CNN reported.

    “Jim Jones. Koresh. History has showed us that these things happen when religious zealots take charge of a group of people,” Sam Brower, a private investigator who has worked on cases for dozens of ex-Jeffs followers, told the network.

    Considering we made it through the May, October, and Mayan apocolypse, chances are good we’ll survive this one as well. However, considering authorities are fearing a Jim Jones situation, this makes this news particularly troubling.

    CNN cited the closing of Colorado City’s only grocery store — which was owned by the FLDS and served as a meeting place for members — as evidence that Jeffs’ followers believe the world is coming to an end.

    FLDS members refused to talk to reporter Gary Tuchman.

    This is not the first time the sect leader has predicted the end of days.

    Former FLDS member Isaac Wyle told Utah station KUTV that the world would not end, and Jeffs would blame his followers for not being faithful enough.

    “It’s just Warren whipping them up into another frenzy to gather money,” Wyle told the station.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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