• “URGENT UPDATE on Connecticut Shooting”


    And so it begins. Susan Shannon, a woman with little to no ties to Sandy Hook, has taken it upon herself to “update” us all on what really happened in Connecticut.

    Friends, there is a gift that God has given me:  I can smell something fishy a mile away.  Like Benghazi.  Almost on day one, I told my husband:  “The facts don’t make sense.  Something is wrong here.”  Last night, after I saw a talking head interview (or, I should say, NOT interview) the father of the boy who saw his teacher get shot and ran for his life with a couple of friends, I told my husband, “Something is not right here.  She didn’t ask a single relevant question.  So far, this boy is the only eye-witness of the gunman coming forward.  She didn’t ask if the boy saw one or more shooters.  She didn’t ask any details of what the gunman did first, second, third.  She didn’t ask for a description of the gunman.  These reporters are complete prostitutes.  They could care less about the feelings of the people they interview.  So why didn’t she ask any of these questions?”  In fact, I could tell she was biting back questions.  I looked at my husband and said,  “Cal, this thing is starting to stink.  By now, there should be many eye-witness accounts of the actual gunman.  There should be breathless survivors talking about how this guy walked by their room, etc.  About how they narrowly escaped.  But so far, it looks like every single eye-witness is dead.  That is IMPOSSIBLE!”

    That’s the thing. When something terrible happens, the human mind really can’t comprehend what’s going on. Overwhelmed with stimuli, observers experience selective attention, interpret events incorrectly, there are a million things that go “wrong” when interpreting events when all hell breaks loose.

    I watched the situation LIVE.  There were original reports of a second man who was found in the woods that they had put in custody.  This man was NEVER spoken of again.  Why?  The details of the shooting changed enormously from one minute to the next.  Inside sources at the police departments were reporting one thing while the official accounts said completely different information.  The news reports were full of such ambiguous NON statements that I was furiously looking throughout the internet to find solid evidence or eye-witness accounts to clarify.  None was to be found.  One example:  They originally said that the shooter was buzzed in via the front office’s new video security system.  Then, the news report said, “The shooter was NOT voluntarily buzzed into the school.”  What the heck does THAT mean?  Does that mean he forced his way through the system?  Does that mean they have video evidence of his face?  Does that mean that there was someone on the inside putting a gun to someone’s head to buzz the shooter in?  Huh?

    Of course, initial reports were incorrect. Reporters made conjectures. They reported on hearsay. They had to [edit: a sharp eyed reader noted they didn’t “have” to get something on the air, they wanted to get something on the air] get something on the air. It takes a while for any complete story to unfold. Ugh. This woman is making assumptions and creating a conspiracy theory right before our eyes.

    Also, it seems highly unlikely, based on descriptions of Adam, that he could have purchased all that black ops gear!  The guy is described as being so shy that he would hug the school walls when someone approached him!  Also, first the news definitely says the mother was a teacher and the classroom of dead kids was her class.  Then, reports are that she had nothing to do with the school.  So, why the shooting there?  Also, the number and kind of weapons used changed.  Also, where they discovered the weapons.  Sometimes they reported that all the weapons were in the school.  Then they said the rifle was in the car.  But they also said that the shooter used the rifle to kill every single person with multiple shots.

    I’ve been described as “shy.” I suppose that makes me unable to shop as well? Life would surely be far more simple if humans were as cookie-cutter as this woman seems to describe.

    Friends.  I believe there is evidence of more than one shooter.  I believe this was a PLANNED event- specifically to get the UN Small Arms Treaty signed.  The father of the shooter is Peter Lanza, rumored to be scheduled to testify on the international LIBOR scandal.  Guess who else is rumored to be scheduled to testify on the LIBOR scandal?  Father of the BATMAN theater shooter.  Amazing coincidence?  We will see.  The LIBOR scandal is a massive, worldwide network of banks, the Federal Reserve and highly position individuals such as Tim Geihtner and Ben Bernanke that are being accused of manipulating LIBOR rates to gain better market positions.   Just some of the Banks involved are:  the Canadian branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Bank, and Citibank, as well as ICAP (Intercapital), an interdealer broker.[37   It also mentions Bank of America & Barclays.   It is ugly to its roots and VERY powerful people are involved.

    There we have it. The full blown conspiracy theory has emerged.

    I believe our GOVERNMENT shot those kids and teachers and used Adam Lanza and his family to pull it off.  They might have killed two birds with one stone.  One:  If these men are involved in the LIBOR scandal, they can manipulate their testimony.  Two:  they get gun control.  How very, very clever and efficient of them, right?    I hate to say it.  I hate to put myself ‘out there’ with this because I KNOW how I will be attacked.  But I don’t do this for anyone’s approval.  I do it to help the American People.  You look at these links and you decide.

    Yup. The “GOVERNMENT” did it. One problem, though. Who exactly “did” it? Was it our local congressman? Perhaps the lady who processes my driver license application? Or perhaps it was Mark Dayton, the current Minnesota governor? Since it was the “government,” let’s name a name so the authorities can properly investigate the situation.

    Oh. I know. I have a friend who repairs radios for the FBI. I think it could have been him because he’s “government,” too.

    Thing is… “GOVERNMENT” means nothing. Give a specific name, some actual proof minus conjectures.

    This is very sad. We’ve got 27 [edit: a reader noted there were indeed 28 dead. I stand corrected] dead Americans, most of them children. As a nation we need to figure out how to proceed. Conjectures and conspiracy theories are the last things we need. I’d like to hope critical thinking classes would help, but I fear those who’d need them most wouldn’t attend.

    I’ll dismount my soap box now.


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