• What Louisiana kids learn about evolution


    BuzzFeed has nabbed three pages from Louisiana’s science “textbooks,” scanned them, and have posted on their site. Don’t click the link if you’re eating, you may spray your monitor. Don’t allow children in the room, they may hear words that could burn their ears. Have a box of tissue nearby to wipe your tears.

    How bad is it? A few quotes:

    Most evolutionists do not believe that there was one great Flood. So they look for other was to explain how fossils were formed.”

    Sounds like Sunday School materials.

    Fact or Theory? Man makes judgements about the evidence of fossils based on his beliefs. A man who believes God’s record of Creation and history will look at fossils in one way. A man who believes in evolution will view fossils in a different way.


    What the Bible Teaches Us: Dinosaurs were “discovered” in the early 1600 by an English scientist named Robert Plot. He found the bones of an animal that had clearly been huge. But long before Plot found these bones, the Bible talked about unusual animals that were very likely dinosaurs.

    So much for ID. These folks aren’t even hiding the fact they’re young earthers. And thee books are in tax payer funded public schools. Be. Very. Afraid.

    Horrifying link.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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