• Ken Ham has a new book, sorta


    Ham’s newish book, The Lie; Evolution/Millions of Years is evidently a book he released 25 years ago, but he’s added a new cover and “updated” the information.

    Twenty-five years ago, my  book The Lie: Evolution was published, and God has blessed it over the years. This book has become a bestseller—over 450,000 copies sold! And this year, as I’ve mentioned on my Facebook page already, I decided it was time to update The Lie to make it more relevant to our current age. I even changed the title to reflect the compromise going in within the church, not just with evolution, but also with millions of years. The full title of the book is now called The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years.

    That’s a lotta copies. Sheesh, I hope our great science writers eclipse that number.

    Of course, if you click the link, you’ll note that Ham takes this opportunity to not only sell his book, but he’s also got an online auction he’s shilling. Anything to raise a buck.


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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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