• Anti Mother Teresa event at Dartmouth


    This should generate some press.

    The Atheists Humanists Agnostics (AHA) club sent out a campus-wide e-mail announcing the program on Tuesday and promising a “full-out romp against why one of the most beloved people of the century, Mother Teresa, is as Hitchens put it… ‘a lying, thieving Albanian dwarf.’”

    Not sure I’m pleased with using ad hominems as a persuasion technique to get people to attend an event, it rarely works, but if you’re aiming for controversy, mission accomplished.

    “It’s easy for a group of privileged Ivy League students who have never experienced poverty to meet in a ‘super secret room’ and think themselves as intellectuals by bashing Mother Teresa,” Melanie Wilcox, Executive Editor of the conservative Dartmouth Review, told Campus Reform.

    “I’d like to know what they have done, if anything, to help the needy,” she added.

    AHA President Adam Hann, however, defended the event, but admitted he had intentionally used “provocative” language in the e-mail to excite interest among students.

    From what I’ve read the Missionaries of Charity don’t exactly help the needy as much as they warehouse them. For clarification on this issue, I highly recommend Mary Johnson’s book, An Unquenchable Thirst. It’s quite balanced, not vitriolic, and exceedingly thought provoking.

    Link to An Unquenchable Thirst.

    Here’s the link.

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