• Cool webseries alert!


    I just stumbled on the trailer for Starpocalypse, a full webseries presented by SMBC Theater. Turns out this project began as a Kickstarter campaign and supporters not only financed the $15,000 goal, they exceeded it by pledging nearly $77,000.

    The creators say:

    We are so grateful for everyone’s generosity. The internet is MAGIC! Don’t stop now – the bigger our budget the bigger and more ridiculous the webseries will be!

    Remember, a donation of only $1 gets you early access to EVERYTHING we make this year. That’s sketches, other series, one-offs, EVERYTHING!  ($5 gets you EARLIEST access to the Space Opera, $50 gets you access to all our backstage stupidity. WE LOVE YOU INTERNET!)


    The movie looks like it’ll be fun… another DVD to add to my collection. Release date will be sometime in 2013. Here’s the trailer:

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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