• Beware! Captchas MAY brainwash you!


    At least according to a person who contacted Swedish civil rights organization, Civil Rights Defenders. In case you don’t know, Captchas are:

    … those irritating, unintelligible words that you have to type into that little box on secure websites.

    Well, Civil Rights Defenders used Captchas to “attempt to verify the empathy levels of people filling in the Captchas. They…

    …ask users a civil rights-related question and provide three opinion-based answers. For example: “The Albanian Vice Minister of Defense, Ekrem Spahui, thinks that gays should be beaten up with a stick. How does that make you feel? Fascinated, homesick, or terrible?” Then lets you through if you input the right answer.

    However, a person named “Tom” didn’t care for his Captcha options and wrote an unhappy email to the organization.

    Chaptchas are annoying. But they’re better than the flood of spam comments I’d otherwise get. Nonetheless, I’m not sure that selection a “correct” option is the ticket either. There’s a bit to ponder with this story… I have mixed feelings on the whole conversation realizing both sides have a valid point.

    You can check out the whole thing here. It’s rather interesting.

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    Article by: Beth Erickson

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