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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Announcements, Culture, Debate, Philosophy | 0 comments

JET news

With the publication of Linda MacDonald Glenn’s afterword, the special Minds/Machines issue of the Journal of Evolution and Technology is complete. For more about the issue, you can also see my introductory editorial, written a couple of years ago when we began publishing the accepted articles for this issue.

The next (“ordinary”) issue of JET will start appearing very soon, beginning with a large and fascinating article on the philosophy of space exploration.

As always, the views expressed in JET do not necessarily reflect those views of its editor-in-chief (i.e., me!). Often, what is argued for is speculative and somewhat “out there”… and the journal exists precisely for that purpose. As stated JET’s history page:

JET’s raison d’être is as a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, publishing academic-quality research, which welcomes submissions on subject matters that many mainstream journals shun  as too speculative, radical, or interdisciplinary, on all issues relating to the future prospects of the human species and its descendants. The founders felt that the time was ripe to begin to discuss such issues in a more systematic and rigorous way than is usually possible in journalistic or popular publications.

We do demand high standards of scholarship and argument. We’re now working out how to get more discussion on the articles and their ideas, and one way we seem to have settled on is to create a link in each case to a discussion thread at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies site. Feel free to take part.