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Posted by on Feb 10, 2013 in Culture, Diversions | 0 comments

Sunday Supervillainy – Age of Ultron trailer

Via Bleeding Cool I came across this trailer for Age of Ultron, which looks very like Marvel Universe meets The Terminator. Mind you, from my viewpoint that’s not necessarily a bad thing. (I’ve spent many hours of my life thinking of ways of destroying or defeating killer cyborgs and dangerous, human-hating AI’s. As we all know, on any specific occasion it’s not good enough to destroy them just once, because the pesky things are extremely resilient.)

It appears that the malevolent artificial intelligence, Ultron, has done a Skynet on the world, leaving a small group of heroes as the resistance. Since this story is supposed to be canon, it’ll be interesting to see how the writers manage to put the toys back at the end, without leaving the ramshackle Marvel Universe totally trashed. I’m fascinated by these technical issues in writing serial genre fiction. We’re promised that some changes will stick as the new status quo, which is always the case with these big events in contemporary comics, so that’s also of interest to an old fanboy like me.