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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Personal | 0 comments

A taste of The Hellfire Club

While I’m settling in, I thought I’d provide a small taste of The Hellfire Club for readers who are new to it since it moved to the Skeptic Ink Network a few days ago. Regular readers from the old site (I hope you’ve all followed me here) can pretty much ignore this post.

So, for those who’d be interested, here are a couple of lists from the old site that, between them, give a reasonable sample of what gets discussed at The Hellfire Club and where I’m coming from. There’s a certain weighting in these lists toward the posts on pop culture – they do seem to attract an audience!

First, my ten most popular posts of 2012.

Second my ten most popular posts of all time.

The two lists have a certain amount of overlap. You’ll be able to click through to read the posts on the lists, if you’re so minded.