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Posted by on Jan 30, 2013 in Diversions, Philosophy | 20 comments

Why I am not a 100 per cent humanist – the BHA’s quiz

The British Humanist Association has a quiz thingie where you can find out how humanist you are. I suppose part of the point is that people who do the quiz may find that they get very high scores, and should therefore think of identifying more explicitly as humanists. That’s fine, so nothing in what follows is meant to denigrate the idea or the quiz itself, all things considered. Good for the BHA.

That said… well I got 90 per cent. I thought I might come out lower, as a matter of fact, because I gave honest answers, i.e. the answer in each case that seemed closest to what I really think. Often, I could see a more high falutin’ (I’m tempted to say “sanctimonious”, but that would be too snarky) answer that I could not honestly give… but which I expected was what they really hoped I’d say.

When I write “closest to what I really think”, consider the first question. I gave the answer: “