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Posted by on Aug 25, 2013 in Announcements, Books, Culture, Personal | 0 comments

Update for my Amazon author page (and a gentle rant about books)

Just a heads-up that I’ve updated my Amazon author page to reflect all the most recent news. As always, your best way to support my blog, Twitter feed, and public appearances is to support the associated books – even if you read a library copy or a borrowed copy, please spread the news any way you can if you like what you read.

And likewise think about other writers whose work you enjoy. Most writers, even successful ones, are not getting huge advances and royalties; they end up doing a lot of work for little or no payment, and they live modestly. Writing is not much of a way of getting rich.

One thing that I notice in the blogosphere – and the social media generally – is how little of the daily discussion involves people’s responses to actual books and the information and arguments contained in them. And yet, some wonderful books are appearing month by month. Apart from 50 Great Myths About Atheism, you might want to check out the newest book by AC Grayling and the forthcoming book by Peter Boghossian, for example. And no, the ocean of wordage available for free on the internet is not usually a substitute for material that has been accepted by, and worked through with, reputable trade or academic publishers. (It should go without saying, I hope, that discussion of scandals and personalities is definitely not a good substitute for discussion of books and ideas.)