I was completely wrong about Trump

Two years and change ago, I wrote an article hoping for Trump. What with one thing and another, I thought it was worth revisiting it, and in doing so, I see I was completely wrong about the man.

What clinched the matter for me was the Clintons’ record of war crimes and of enabling genocide. I thought that, however odious Trump is, the effects of his time in office will vanish after he is gone. A few years after he leaves, no one will remember anything about his stupid twitter account or the rest of it.

However, another Rwandan genocide – another devastated Libya – another Islamic State – well, that is very different. Those horrors will echo for a long, long time to come. My conviction that a Clinton Two presidency would lead to yet another destroyed nation and another major genocide was only strengthened Clinton Two deciding to drag Henry Kissinger back into the light. Even someone as odious as Trump was a worth it if something like that was prevented.

I also didn’t think Trump would be quite as bad as this. I thought he was a sonofabitch, but, after reading through the best critiques of the man, I thought he was a hard, ruthless, capable sonofabitch, not an incompetent, bumbling sonofabitch. Nevertheless, as odious as I found many of his policies, there was nothing that could seriously be weighed against horror of the magnitude that the Clintons’ traffic in.

And then he betrayed the Kurds.

It’s hard to put into words just how vile this is. This will see a resurgent Islamic State, and most likely a renewal of the genocide against the Yazidi, and enables Erdogan to do as he pleases. The wannabe Sultan is also thinking of acquiring nuclear weapons and opening the borders to Europe, so the threat of Europe’s islamization just got much worse.

Trump’s behavior here is cowardly, contemptible and vile. It is, quite literally, everything I was hoping he would prevent.

The one good thing I have seen is the open revolt on the right against Trump and his mendacity. Contrast with the abject defense of Clinton that persisted for decades on the left. It’s a small thing, but makes me rather proud of my team, and more convinced of my thesis, that, if there is hope, it lies on the Right.

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