• Graph of the Week – Smart Money in SC

    A couple days ago, I recklessly speculated that the presidential race is ultimately going to come down to two challengers on the left and two on the right. Furthermore, I assumed that Trump would keep steamrolling ahead, thereby securing the outsider lane in the GOP nomination race. Which brings up his prospects in the next big contest, which look really good.

    Taller stacks of cash mean worse odds of winning South Carolina

    As before, I’ve pulled up the best bets available from Oddschecker, and plotted out the returns on a $100 bet. If Rubio wins, you would get back $2,000; a Cruz victory would yield $1,200. If Donald Trump wins (as the bookmakers apparently expect) you would get back a paltry $5.

    As before, the safe money is on Trump. (Please join me for a moment of contemplative silence.)

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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

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