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    I love me some podcasts, as you probably know, and it’s been a busy week.

    People ask "Why is it called Blue Ball Skeptics?"
    “Why is the show called Blue Ball Skeptics?”

    Last weekend we interviewed the founder of local Satanist Church and the founder of the Oklahoma Skeptics Society. Those are two different people, in case you were wondering, and only one of them has a disturbingly evil laugh. The former interview may be found over at the AOK blog, and the more skeptical podcast is now available over at www.BlueBallSkeptics.com for your aural pleasure.

    On the skeptical show, we spent a fair bit of time discussing our visits to the Oklahoma’s premier paranormal flea market and exhibition space, the Oklahoma Psychic Educational Research Association, which we refer to as OPERA. So whenever we say, “You wouldn’t believe what we saw at the OPERA . . .” think voices in your head instead of voices from a stage.

    Here are the new episodes:

    Blue Ball Skeptics Ep 06

    Blue Ball Skeptics Ep 07


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    Article by: Damion Reinhardt

    Former fundie finds freethought fairly fab.