Podcasts and guest spots

It is of some historical interest that podcasting used to be called audioblogging. Personally, I blame Steve Jobs for the change to a less generic nomenclature, but whatever you want to call the dissemination of ideas and opinions (and occasionally even facts) via digital audio, it seems to me a generally worthwhile endeavor. In any given day, I have far more free time for listening than reading, and I am greatly appreciative to all those content producers who are putting themselves out there in an attempt to entertain or enlighten their listeners.

Damion and Chas in the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast studio
Damion and Chas in the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast “studios”

My friends and I have been involved in several podcast (and internet radio) projects over the years, and it seems fitting to collect them all in one easy-to-reference page, including a few appearances on other people’s shows.

Current and former projects:

Guest appearances on other shows:

  • American Heathen 
  • A-News Podcast (Ep 58)
  • The Angry Atheist (Ep 124)
  • Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes (Ep 11)
  • The Antisocial Justice Podcast (Ep 07)