Month October 2013

Smug Alert

Recently, former child star Raven-Symone (I believe she was Cliff Huxtable’s step-granddaughter on The Cosby Show) obliquely came out as…

New at Skeptic Ink

Good morning! My name is Vandy Beth Glenn; I’m the Skeptic Ink Network’s newest voice. I live in Georgia, where I work as an editor for the state government and maintain my own blog, Fibonacci Spiral.

I was born in the Atlanta suburbs and grew up there; now I live in the progressive, lesbian Mecca of Decatur, a large city that abuts Atlanta and gave rise to the Indigo Girls.

I discovered organized skepticism many years ago, when I first read an issue of Skeptical Inquirer. I subscribed immediately. In recent years I’ve become a regular attendee at Atlanta’s Skeptics In The Pub events, a voracious consumer of skepticism-related podcasts, and an annual visitor to Las Vegas for The Amazing Meeting and to the Skeptic Track at Dragon Con.

I have a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia at Athens. After college I spent four years as a naval officer, then a half-decade in the world of IT before becoming an editor at the Office of Legislative Counsel for the Georgia General Assembly.