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“True Islam” and violent extremism – redux

I am reposting this in response to the terror attacks in France last night, resulting in the deaths of over one hundred people. As ever, the internet is awash with right-wing shouts to “kill all Muslims” and refugees, to the left-wing shouts that it is the Imperial West to blame and not Islam or Muslims. Neither of these positions are correct. It is obviously thoroughly complex, indeed involving international politics. However, to deny the Qu’ran, Muhammad and the Hadith causal responsibility in these atrocities is to deny the self-determination of those very terrorists who claim that they are doing these actions in the name of Islam and their god.

“True Islam” and violent extremism

I am engaged in many conversations and debates across multiple platforms on the internet. At the moment, and in general recently, I have been wrapped up in many debates with my fellow liberals. The subject has been Islam and as to whether it is in some culpable proportion responsible for the violent extremism which is taking place across the globe. From the Middle East and ISIS (incorporating a number of different countries) to France and the Charlie Hedbo events; from Nigeria and Boko Haram to Kenya and Somalia with al Shabaab, things are not looking good.

48 fishermen have their throats slit by Boko Haram

I have reported a few of these recently. One might think I am picking on Islam. But there is no other worldview or religion which is inspiring such mass killings. From 8 people being shot in the head in Kenya for not being able to recite the Qu’ran, to ISIS going nuts in the Middle East. I know a lot f liberal apologist (and as I say, I am generally as liberal as they come) point to other causal factors and try to blame the West and geo-political scenarios. But this is simply death for infidels in parts of Africa over which the West has little power, or at least not in the way that would inspire this kind of activit