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Hiram Crespo: The Epicurean Revival

As the annals of history have it, in the sixth century Emperor Justinian had all the schools of philosophy that competed with Christianity finally closed. This was the last we heard of the Epicurean School, whose tradition had remained culturally vibrant for seven centuries. Epicurus had been among the first to propose the atom—2,300 years ago—the social contract as a foundation for the rule of law, and the possibility of an empirical process of pursuit of happiness: a science of happiness. These progressive schools were oases of tranquility, reason and pleasure known as Gardens, where the ideals of civilized friendship flourished and men, women and even slaves engaged in philosophical discourse as equals.

The Happiest Places on Earth?

Happiness. What is it, and how do we get it? This is an age old question which I will hopefully discuss in the future. In the meantime, this research from the UN makes claims to the happiest countries in the world. There is also the Happy Planet Index which takes into account happiness, environmental impact and life expectancy.

The UK? no there. The US? Nada. Canada? Smug gits…:)