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I have been commissioned a chapter on morality for Loftus’ new book “Christianity Is Not Great”

I am exceptionally grateful that John Loftus thought of me when shortlisting potential contributors to his latest anthology Christianity Is Not Great. Not only that, but my chapter on atheological morality, which I wrote a few months ago for him, was one of the chapters used in the proposal to Prometheus Books. And they have just accepted the project! Fantastic! Here is what John has just announced:

Book on Infinity and God

I know that I have said this before, but I am very sorry for being scarce on the blog just now. Work is full on just now, as well as having heaps to do on the writing and editing front (and a talk to do at Bournemouth University tonight). One book I am editing is in the final stages. The book is by James A. Lindsay and is called Dot, Dot, Dot: Infinity Plus God Equals Folly. I have managed to get Vic Stenger to write the foreword for it, too, which is great.

The Earliest Connection between UFOs and the Star of Bethlehem–A Follow-up

In my last post about the various ways that the Star of Bethlehem from the Gospel of Matthew had been imagined, I talked about the folks that thought it was some sort of alien craft or UFO. When I wrote it, my best efforts to find the earliest claim to that came from Rev. Barry Downing in 1968. However, Jason Colavito had discovered a slightly older reference. From there, I continued the search.

Interview with Advocatus Atheist, Tristan Vick, on ignosticism and other things

Tristan Vick is a blogger and author who I have various dealings with online, not least of which is a co-edited book in the final stages of editing which we will release called Beyond An Absence Of Faith, an anthology of deconversion accounts which has been really fascinating to put together. Tristan has just completed a book on the position of ignosticism which is detailed in the interview.

Another review for my Free Will? book

As most of you probably already know, my first book was Free Will? An into whether we have free will or whether I was always going to write this book. This has received overwhelmingly good reviews (the only negative one on is from a mental Catholic priest who hadn’t read it and who has been banned from here, as well as negatively reviewing all of my books.

Anywho, I just thought I’d share the last couple of reviews for Free Will?

Why the quiet?

I must massively apologise to regular commenters such as Daydreamer1, The Thinker, Honest_John_Law, Peter, Neil, John Grove, Andy Schueler and…

Great review of my twins book, and a little interview!

So for those of you who don’t know, I wrote a book a year or so ago for dads of twins, more appropriately for the UK market, called Twins: A Survival Guide For Dads. A I recently sent a review copy of the book to a twins website called Designed For Twins and they have kindly posted a review and a short interview which can be found here. Please check it out.

Stephen Law responds to Randal Rauser on Believing Bullshit

This is from Stephen’s SIN post. i have posted an excerpt. Check out the rest here.

A while ago the well-known Christian apologist and blogger Randal Rauser posted a very long review of my book Believing Bullshit on his blog. You can find Rauser’s review here.

While making a few nice comments about the book, Rauser was generally very negative. He posted the same review on the amazon page for my book and gave the book just two stars.

“Jonathan Pearce Points Out the Many Questions Raised By The Stories of Jesus’ Infancy in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke”

Ed Babinski has recently kindly written about my book, The Nativity: A Critical Examination. Here is his post. Thanks, Ed!

Jonathan Pearce has composed a book titled, The Nativity: A Critical Examination in which he asks questions like these (to which I have added a few comments myself below–ETB):

In order for the Christian who believes that both accounts are factually true to uphold that faithful decree, the following steps must take place. The believer must:

God or Godless?

I am stoked to have received a review copy of John Loftus’ latest offering, “God or Godless?” which he has co-written with Randal Rauser, the apologist with whom I had a radio debate on the subject of the nativity. Let me briefly introduce the authors and the book.

The Little Book Of Unholy Questions

I know self-promoting has an air of conceit, and I know it’s all ‘blah blah blah’, but for someone in my position, it is a necessary evil. One of my books has just received another great review. Apart from my internet stalker, the ordained father whom I have banned, and who has not read the book, I have unanimous 5 star reviews for The Little Book Of Unholy Questions. Here they are so far:

My banned commenter (ordained priest) is stalking me…

Recently, I posted about a certain gentleman, no person, who had taken to negatively attacking my books without having read them, and certainly without understanding their content. This man has wound many up. He has posted literally hundreds of times on my books, and has written financially damaging reviews.