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Divine Hate: Fellow Feather’s Original Book

Fellow Feather is an atheist (whom I converse with over email) who has posted a series of adverts directly and confrontationally aimed at and asking questions of Christians. The adverts have been in different publications of varying sizes, but have always been fascinating, as this one was which I post before. FF has now compiled these into an almost coffee table-sized book which feels and looks great.

Caleb Lack’s new book on OCD out on Onus Books

Dr Caleb Lack has had three books published on my Onus Books imprint and I am glad to announce his fourth; this time he has edited and contributed to an important anthology dealing with the psychology and treatment of OCD. This book provides a vital reference of experts and students in the field, to psychologists seeking an academic companion to their work or studies. Here is Caleb’s post welcoming its publication:

Beyond Faith: deconversion

With John posting about Bruce Gerencser’s deconversion account the other day, I thought it would be opportune to mention that his full story is published in a great book I edited called Beyond An Absence Of Faith: Stories About the Loss of Faith and the Discovery of Self which documents some sixteen deconversion accounts from different religions and denominations. Let me tell you about a few of them.

Another great review for Beyond An Absence Of Faith

Here is another great review for the anthology of deconversion accounts that myself and Tristan Vick compiled and edited. The accounts cover different religions and there is a fair gender split of accounts. It’s a great book and we are well pleased with the results. Here is a review from Amazon in the UK from the last couple of d

Hell ain’t nothing without Satan

One of my published works, The Little Book Of Unholy Questions, is a romp through the cumulative case against God set out as 501 leading questions, supported by commentary introducing and closing each section. After my section on Hell, I look briefly at the idea of Satan, who is nothing more than a middle management executive working on behalf of God.

My zombie book – the progress

I wrote a post some time back which detailed my plans on writing a zombie fiction book which should hopefully include a good deal of philosophy. Well, here is a rough prologue to the book (called Survival of the Fittest – Metamorphosis) which I posted some time ago. I am now 70,000 words through the project, which will likely finish between 90,000 and 100,000 words.

The Star and the Skeptical Christmas–The Star of Bethlehem

The holidays are approaching fast, and the first snows are coming over the United States. The ever-expanding day of Christmas will truly be here soon. And all around the world, both preachers and even some scientists will be talking about a perennial subject: the Star of Bethlehem and what it could have been

The Nativity: A Critical Examination

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

It’s that time of year, you know, the interminable run-up to Christmas when big corporations vie for your hard-earned cash in an attempt to exploit the seasonal goodwill brought on by the imaginary birth of a godmanspirit.

Christianity Is not Great is imminent

I am pretty excited about the upcoming Christianity Is not Great, John Loftus’ latest anthology which comprises a plethora of fantastic authors and chapters, it seems (I have not read the chapters, though cannot wait). This is really shaping up to be a corker. Get it pre-ordered!