• Great review for 13 Reasons To Doubt

    Kaveh Mousavi over at On the Margin of Error has given a cracking review of our recent 13 Reasons To Doubt.

    Here is an excerpt:

    The book is a pleasure to read. The essays make you think, and are well-written. The essays vary a lot in scope, content, and length, so the book never gets boring to read. Basically, the charm of the book is that it reads like a pleasant stroll through the skeptic blogsphere…

    The ones I mentioned stood up to me. Overall it’s a very educative and entertaining book, I recommend it to everyone who’s interested in skepticism.

    So treat yourself to a copy and support our network. You’ll like it!

    August 8 Kindle cover

    The book description:

    Extraordinary claims and extraordinary evidence.

    The mainstream and social media feed our minds a diet of fringe science and outright pseudoscience. They relentlessly stream paranormal, supernatural, and otherwise extraordinary claims. Where do all these come from? They’re spread by shysters and charlatans, by corporate propagandists with cynical eyes on the bottom line, by priests and preachers of all kinds, by axe-grinding cranks and ideologues, and frequently by well-meaning dupes.

    This may be a scientific age, but all too often, science, well-grounded scholarship, evidence, and logic are ignored—or even denied.

    Scientific skepticism offers a corrective: skeptics defend science and reason, while demanding the evidence for extraordinary claims.

    In this volume, we offer you thirteen ways to scientific skepticism: thirteen reasons to doubt extraordinary claims. The authors discuss groupthink and cognitive biases, science denialism, weird archeology, claims about religion and free will, and many other topics. Within these pages, there is something for anyone who wants to avoid biases and fallacies, cut through the masses of misinformation, and push back against fakers and propagandists.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce