• #CrackingNight

    I had the absolute pleasure of talking to Barnsley Skeptics in the Pub last night in their “Skeptic Dungeon” – a lovely cellar bar venue below a pub in Barnsley city centre. The topic for the night was The Nativity (about which I have written a book and debated with Canadian theologian Randal Rauser). I managed to make the talk fun and enjoyable, apparently, and the Q and A kept to form with my last dozen Q and As – long and going round the houses, yet somehow seemingly connected and relevant, involving great input from the audience. All that made, by all accounts, for a great night. Indeed, some tweets included the hashtag #CrackingNight, so it must have been alright! The talk went on to the pub upstairs, and then to another pub, and then back to my hotel but… the bar was closed.

    All told, a lovely night with some truly lovely people. I had forgotten, having been at uni in Leeds, how wonderful the North is. I mean, it’s still grim and all, but the people are great…!

    It appears I might be back to Barnsley for my free will talk if they hold to their word and my other half agrees to the long journey and overnight stay!

    As ever, let me know if your group needs a speaker.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce