• Rebecca Bradley’s “Cadon, Hunter” – Great Book with Something to Say, too

    Rebecca Bradley is a fellow writer here at SIN. She recently completed a new book called Cadon, Hunter, a book set amid a clash of civilisations and ways of life. It follows a hunter gatherer tribe who are beset by a plague brought to them from the protagonist, Cadon, as he finds a deserted village. The remainder of the tribe then find themselves held by the encroaching civilised kingdom.

    What plays out is a pacey and well constructed tale of peoples coming into contact with aliens, in terms of culture, language, rituals and behaviours. There are some interesting and nuanced aspects of religion, comparing that of the animalistic hunter gatherer beliefs as they come against the more complex divine structures of the urban civilisation, with their god on earth representative (think Pope).cover

    All told, it’s a great tale told by a super story-teller, with her background in ancient history and archaeology coming to the fore. It was, indeed, the first release on our (Rebecca and mine) new fiction imprint, Loom. So, for many reasons (including helping me to afford my mortgage!), please grab yourself a Christmas copy! (UK, here)

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce