• Great first review for my new ebook on classical theism

    John Grove, a commenter here on occasion at ATP, and a great supporter of my work, has really kindly placed the first review of my new ebook on classical theism: God’s omni characteristics. It is an amalgam (the book) of my posts, with some original extras, which I think is a super one-stop shop for all things counter-apologetic and arguing against that nonsensical God/god.

    Here is the review:

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    By John Grove VINE VOICE on September 13, 2015

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    Think of this as Jonathan Pearces greatest hits all compiled together. He is one of the most interesting and convincing philosophers of modern times. Some of my favorite posts are here, which I have at my fingertips when I need its resource.

    It was somewhat difficult to read this on my phone, I don’t usually read kindle books, I prefer old school books, but I managed to just finish it.

    These blogs are fascinating, deep and well written and persuasively convincing of why theism fails on several accounts. The choice of topics are amazing, and no one can do this as good as Johnny can deliver it.

    If you are a Christian, you will never find Johnny rude or obnoxious, he is fair, well balanced and I encourage you to give it a chance. Challenge yourself, for no one will challenge you better than Johnny can.

    Excellent selection and content, and Johnny hits another home run.

    Thanks John!

    Please grab the book from this link, the image or the sidebar to allow Amazon to grant me a tiny commission!

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce