• Justin Schieber’s Real Atheology

    It comes with great sadness to announce that my favourite podcast of all time, Reasonable Doubts, will no longer continue to be. This upsets me because there is no greater podcast on the internet than this one. RD has been with me for a good number of years and has provided ample stimuli for me to pass on in my own way. I will be writing something at greater length soon on RD.

    One of the presenters, Justin Schieber, looked to present philosophy of religion ideas and arguments in his counter-apologetics segment on the show. As a friend on facebook, it was great to see that he has gone on to do a good number of live debates and start his own You Tube channel: Real Atheology.

    I look forward to checking his stuff out. Here is one of his videos: The Problem of Non-God Objects. I like this argument and use it in my public talks. Though Schieber doesn’t rate it as a massively strong argument, I think it has a lot of merit.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce