• Quote of the Day – Evan T on ISIS

    Evan T made this incisive comment:

    I wonder when the UN is going to get off their collective asses and decide to do something. Or does ISIS first have to occupy some major oil producing facility? History is finite; every single piece we lose, we can never recover. We’ve already lost so much to ideological stupidity (buddhas in China, shiite mosques in sunni countries, buddhas again by the Taliban and now this). Of course, all this destruction is by itself a monument; a monument to the human capacity to destroy.

    It seems as though the powers that be have been stung into moral paralysis. There appears to be no depths that these people can go to. Far less took place for the West to pronounce both Gulf Wars.

    And I suppose it is the lesson learnt from there and Afghanistan which leaves powerful nations reticent to march into areas outside of their remit. The problem is, no neighbouring nations seem to be doing anything either. There is a moral and political vaccum, and it’s bloody worrying.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce