• Good Skeptical Theism links

    Skeptical Theism is an approach to the problem of evil that states that we just Index)can’t know the mind of God; that such infinite minds are so far beyond our ken that we couldn’t possibly conceive as to why such evil exists in the world. God moves in mysterious ways: the Omniscience Escape Clause.

    I just thought I would provide some useful links which provide good resources for dealing with this.

    John Danaher over at Philosophical Disquisitions has produced his own index of posts dealing with the topic:

    The End of Skeptical Theism? (Index)

    The Fairminded Notions blog also has a good synopsis and links to relevant papers and posts (including one of mine).

    The Evidential Problem of Evil: Introducing the Basics with Relevant Papers

    I have also talked about it here and here:

    Why Skeptical Theism Fails

    And we can’t forget the chat with Justin Schieber, Counter Apologist and myself on the subject:

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce