• New ebook on classical theism out soon

    I have put together some previous blog writing with a little bit of original stuff to create a hopefully narrative cumulative case against the god of classical theism (with all of the omni characteristics). Most of the posts can be found here; the project was advised of me elsewhere so that all those posts and ideas could be brought together in one single place. The idea is that is will be a reasonably priced ebook of over 40,000 words or so that packs a nice philosophical and theological punch.

    The book has a working title of:

    The Problem With “God”: Classical Theism Under The Spotlight.

    Here is a mock up early draft cover idea. Anyone who is good at Photoshop etc. is welcome to help improve it! Just email me for the files if needed (bearing in mind it will only be an ebook release, and not in paperback).

    god problem 3Thanks muchly to Geoff Benson, regular commenter here, for looking over the MS and helping with the proofing. Hopefully, it reads well and will work as an ebook (of predominantly blog material). The price would be about £3, or $4.49 or something like that. Would this be of interest to readers?

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce