• New review of Unholy Questions

    The Little Book Of Unholy Questions is my 2011 book which acts as a cumulative case against the existence of God. I am thankful for this latest review. The book also has a new cover (click on the image to go to the Amazon listing):

    on July 12, 2015
    Five stars squared for this little book, dynamite in a small package!

    How devastatingly powerful are simple questions presented so clearly and respectfully. Pearce says in few words what others take books to do. Though not a scholar, I have spent years pondering some of these questions but very many caused me to wonder, “Why did I not think of that, it is so obvious?”

    How many of the scores of millions of intelligent and well-meaning Christians would be simply astonished and incredulous to find that nearly all of these questions arise from both the Old and New Testaments and Christian doctrine?

    In fact, for those millions of Christians who have only read parts of the bible — and anyone else — this little book of 211 pages is a great way to become aware of what is really in that great and obscure haystack.

    Pearce explains the standard defenses for what seems indefensible for a loving-merciful-forgiving God: free will, character building, original sin, heaven balances the scales for injustices, and ours not to know the ways of God, with a few words of comment.

    Who will dare to answer these questions anywhere, much less as concisely? C. S. Lewis might have tried but he is long dead. Nevertheless they will not go away.

    Do yourself a favor — read it.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce