• What do you think is the strongest argument against atheism?

    This is always an interesting question because it challenges your own worldview, assuming you are an atheist. It’s the classic line of questioning you get when you are in an interview:

    “So, Mr Pearce, what do you think your biggest weakness is?”

    Of course, I have no weakness…

    I actually think that my understnading of atheism and the worldview to which it pertains is coherent and solid and there are no real thorns in its side. Perhaps, though I don’t see this as an issue for atheism per se, and one can argue similarly for God, for me the question of why there is something rather than nothing is pretty mind-boggling. I have in the past even felt slightly nauseous thinking about it. It’s a biggun.

    Whether it be morality, fine-tuning or whatever (these present no problems for me), I would be intersted to hear what YOU think the weakest areas of atheism are, and what you think the strongest arguments against atheism are.

    You become rationally stronger in your own views when you look at their weakest points to see if they stand up. Let’s be self-critical.

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    Article by: Jonathan MS Pearce